What is having an education?

There was a time when education was not given enough significance. It was more of a luxury than being a necessity. With time, people around the world have become more aware of the importance of seeking education. Humans gradually developed better opportunities so that more people could get a good education. However, we still have a significant number of people globally who don’t have access to education despite understanding its importance.

While the issue of availability of educational facilities for all is an issue on its own, the actual meaning of education is also a problem. While it is considered to be a broad term, many people don’t understand and respect the true meaning.

Education is Not Merely Knowledge

One of the drawbacks of our current generation is considering education as just a source of knowledge. Many people believe that the ability to read and write is enough to be called educated. Even in schools, saturated curriculums are taught. More focus is upon getting the students to complete them by the end of years and answer questions in exams.

As a result, most are just getting theoretical knowledge. There is an intense lack of wisdom and practical knowledge. Such education does not prepare the students to navigate the real world. Additionally, it leaves them closed-minded.

What is Real Education?

The knowledge that can’t be used for personal development and improving the quality of life is not education. We have a wide variety of courses in current educational institutions. Most of these are being taught for face value. Students are unaware of the real beauty of what they learn in the classrooms. Due to limited teaching methods, students also remain limited to its application. Beyond the need for acing examinations, their education has no value in the real world.

Real education is accompanied by wisdom. What we read in books is knowledge but the ability to apply it in real life is wisdom. We can improve our teaching methods by providing a comprehensive educational experience to the students. They should be able to discover through real-world examples and be allowed to broaden their educational horizons.

Apart from making curriculums more practical in schools and colleges, students should be encouraged to go abroad for further studies. In addition to learning more, it allows them to explore varying cultures and learn to live independently. All these are essential for effective personal development.

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