Struggles of being an international student

It feels like a privilege to study abroad but it does not come without certain consequences. While it is amazing to discover unique educational opportunities, it takes courage to adjust to a new environment. Young students who get to seek overseas education have to deal with many changes that can be stressful.

Language Barrier

A lack of effective communication is a noticeable drawback of going to a foreign country. Not only does it create problems during your classes, it also discourages you from talking to new people. It keeps you from exploring and as a result, your experience remains limited. Hence, it is a smart idea to learn the basics of the local language before departing. With time, you become more familiar with the language and the barrier will considerably be reduced.

Food Options

Nowadays, major cities which have residents from beyond borders generally offer a wide variety of food options. Although, depending on where you go and your personal background, food can become a concern. It could be due to religious or health reasons that make it difficult for you to find suitable food, or you may not like the food due to the lack of authentic taste.

Time Zones

A different time zone can take significant time to adjust to. Your body is set at its own internal clock so new timings can cause exhaustion. Moreover, you will also feel more disconnected from your home country if the time difference is bigger.

Developing Relationships

You may feel odd when you are with the locals even though you rationally know that they belong to a different culture. Hence, you would probably hesitate to develop any kind of relationship with the locals. It is normal that you are more likely to be friends with someone who has a similar background to find common ground. At times, locals are apprehensive of accepting you for the same reason.

Dual Defense

Once you have spent enough time in a foreign country, you start to become familiar with the lifestyle. You will be able to identify the positive aspects and become attached to them. But you will often find yourself defending your home country’s culture to your new friends. Similarly, when you are back home, you will also be defending the host country. This creates dual-mindedness, which is often a cause of frustration and confusion. You will definitely have to face many other challenges once you are abroad. However, most of these can be resolved with patience and time. You will find its worth when you are able to seek education of your choice and mature personally.

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