How to grow when studying abroad

Are you a student planning to study abroad but going through the dilemma of what if everything doesn’t work out? Don’t worry, you’re neither alone in this, nor are you wrong about worrying about such a huge aspect of life. Growing as a person is extremely important to ensure a secure future. The process is hard itself but it worsens when you’re all alone in a foreign country where things could crumble down in less than a second!

We know that sounds scary and truly, it is. This is why you need to make sure you’re doing things that help you grow mentally, emotionally, and practically.

Do not restrict yourself to books

Your main aim when abroad is, of course, study. However, do not limit yourself. Instead, venture out from the college books and explore new things, by discovering new places, meeting new people or simply doing little things like observing and noticing. Add these habits into your daily life, and you will end up learning a lot of expert tips from these little actions. The best part is, no college book can teach you the vital things you’ll learn from exploring!

Have an open mind

The things you’ll see in a foreign country might be completely alien to you. Similarly, the things you see every day in your culture might be completely unknown there. The bottom line is that there will be some drastic changes. Just perceive these changes with an open mind. You don’t necessarily have to believe in what you are going to experience, but this attitude will prove to be very helpful. You’ll learn to be more accepting, you’ll become a better listener, and practically, you’ll learn on a spiritual level.

Take risks

Growing is only possible if new things are added. Following the same routine over and over won’t lead you to anything new. This is why you need to become best friends with adventure. Take risks in everything in life, and don’t hesitate to opt for a different alternative. Of course, be cautious and do it intelligently. Try meeting new people regardless of their contradicting beliefs, and you can experience different cultures by socializing with diverse people. Most importantly, challenge yourself every week by doing something you’re afraid of, whether it is applying for a job that you have never thought of doing at or talk to someone in your class/school/neighborhood whom you have never talked to. Step out of your comfort zone and focus on yourself; never let others control your life.

These little steps that may seem irrelevant, but you’ll come to realize that it’s the little things that end up making the biggest impacts!

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