Hong Kong Investment Visa

The Hong Kong Investment Visa is a visa for foreign entrepreneurs who, while having a company already set up in Hong Kong, would like to relocate to Hong Kong in order to better manage their business.  The Investment Visa is under the General Employment Policy, which allows the holder to handle the daily operations of the company in Hong Kong.

In order to apply for an Investment Visa, you will need to be the sole shareholder or one of the shareholders of the company.  Please note that each company can only sponsor one Investment Visa.  In other words, if the other partners of your company wish to be in Hong Kong to manage the business while you are holding the Investment Visa, they will need to apply for the Employment Visa.  However, if you are the sole shareholder of the company, you will need a Hong Kong resident to be the sponsor of your application.

The Investment Visa application involves the gathering of a long list of supporting and justification documents, and it takes the Hong Kong Immigration about 2 months to process the application, from the day all documents are submitted. When approved, the applicant is generally granted a maximum of a 24-month period of stay in Hong Kong.

It will take time and effort to receive favorable results from Immigration when applying for an Investment Visa. Hence, to ease your load during the initial period of your voyage, you may consider engaging Lotus to assist you with your Investment Visa application.

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