Education Program

Corporate Learning

With the everchanging corporate landscape, keeping up with what is available and relevant for the development of your organization can be challenging.
Our corporate learning experience is tailored to meet your specific needs. Talk to us about your desired plans, and we will connect you with the relevant professor and businesses to work through your organization goals and objectives with project key personnel. You will get to visit relevant companies during the learning trip. Some of the activities include:

Japan Study Tour

Lotus Relocation and its partner NEXSTEP (Next Step Connections) co-created a successful study tour in Tokyo, Japan for 19 officers from the SME Centre @SMCCI (Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Enterprise Singapore in March 2019. The focus of the program was to explore Halal Food business opportunities in Japan as well as to understand the current stage of the market ahead of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The participants met a variety of leading stakeholders including HonestBee, Wondertable, Nippon Asia Halal Association, Flexible Package Association, Whea-Stone, Tokyo Consulting Group, Zeroth AI, The Hayabusa Halal Market and the Muslim Omotenachi Center as well as Kevin Newman, a seasoned American Entrepreneur.

Lotus Relocation Services

Founded in 2007, our team of highly resourceful professionals will tailor to your specific relocation needs. Whether it is applying for the right visa, placing your child in the right schools or finding a home, we will ease the process and make the transition into your host country and new environment seamless.
Lotus handles a wide range of immigration enquiries and applications for Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Whether your needs are professional or individual, we are here to ease the application process. Our consultants will explain the immigration rules and how they affect you, ensuring your application is in accordance with local laws, regulations and procedures. In addition to work visas, we also provide assistance with entry visas for various countries, through relevant embassies.
  • Work Pass
  • Corporate Immigration Support
  • Student Pass
  • Permanent Resident
  • Entry Visa

Getting the best out of education in a foreign land requires a great deal of preparation. Our education consultants in Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom are professionals who hold a strong forte in the field of education locally and internationally. We are here to address questions and ease the worries of parents and guide them into making the right choice for their children.

Let us assist you in navigating the entire process so that your child will have a smooth academic education.

Catering to your various housing needs from purchase, rental, temporary, homestay etc, our home search program not only identifies the most suitable housing based on your needs, we also actively negotiate competitive pricing for you. Require assistance for rental of furniture/household ware, conducting pre-inspection, taking/handling over of properties and making arrangement for utilities services, telephone lines, cable TV services etc? We are a phone call away.
A highly-customized program caters to transferee's needs and interests that aims to help transferees integrate smoothly into the community, such as

  • Familiarization of resources and/or facilities such as medical centres, sports/social facilities, supermarkets
  • Simulated trips to work, school and/or nearby shopping facilities
  • Other general administration e.g. opening bank accounts, registering at embassies etc.

Let Lotus tailor and weave the various relocation processes such as immigration, accommodation, education, tenancy management, etc. into your corporate internal system. We work closely with our corporate partners to ensure compliant with local regulations and law resulting in a seamless operation.
Lotus had always focused on best practices and client's success, and that is why all our clients enjoy:
  • Our consistent delivery of high quality expatriate support
  • Accessibility and quick turn-around of enquiries to address and solve unexpected problems
  • Agility as a flexible organization providing expedient and cost-effective solutions
  • Active tracking of employee immigration status to confirm compliance


I would like to send an appreciation email for your professional and excellent service in helping me to apply for employment Visa in Hong Kong. Shirly did a great job and went through the process, guided on all the documents requirement, accompanied me to the immigration, delivered the HK ID and MEP in person. I think it is worth of value on your professional service. Thank you again.


The team at Lotus Relocation are absolute professionals and experts in all things relocation. Lotus Relocation go above and beyond and truly partner with the business as if it is their own. We saw Lotus Relocation as an extension of our business, Lotus are and have been instrumental to our success.