Hong Kong Permanent Resident

You may be interested to apply for the Hong Kong Permanent Residency (HKPR) upon 7 years of continuous stay in Hong Kong. The key word here is continuous, not combined.

The good news is, you won’t need to worry about extending your visa anymore once you’ve obtained the HKPR. Nevertheless, if you are absent from Hong Kong for a continuous period of 36 months or more, and you are not a Chinese national, you are likely to lose your permanent resident status. In any case, you will acquire the “Right to Land” in Hong Kong, where you can continue to live, study or work without any restrictions.

How about your family? As a Permanent Resident, naturally, you will be able to apply dependent visas for your spouse and children. The bonus is that you can also apply dependent visas for your parents who are aged 60 and above to live with you in Hong Kong.

A common question we encounter is this — whether an HKPR can apply dependent visa for his/her spouse from Mainland China. A quick answer is, if your spouse currently holds a dependent visa under your work visa, then she/he may continue to extend that same visa sponsored by your HKPR status.

However, if your spouse of Chinese nationality is not holding a dependent visa under your sponsorship, it can get a little tricky and you may face some hurdles. Basically, you will not be able to apply for a dependent visa for her/him to live in Hong Kong with you, and she/he will need to apply for the relevant permit (commonly known as “One-way Permit”) from the local Public Security Bureau office in China instead. The application will be processed by the Mainland China authorities, and unfortunately, it is quota-based.

The process to apply for HKPR can be administratively laborious. Depending on different situations and needs, documentation required may vary. Hence, we are here to ease that process for you, simply contact us for a quotation on our HKPR application service today!

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